• September 1, 2007: The Weekly Standard coins Eric Cantor, Kevin McCarthy, and Paul Ryan the “Young Guns of the House GOP.


  • September 25, 2010: Young Guns: A New Generation of Conservative Leaders makes the New York Times Bestseller List on the paperback non-fiction best-seller list.


  • November 30, 2010: Cantor, Ryan and McCarthy host a Student Town Hall at American University and appear on Greta Van Sustren’s “On the Record,” to discuss the path forward.
  • February 1, 2011: John Murray announces the launch of the YG Network to continue the Young Guns movement.


  • Februrary 6, 2012: The YG Network hosts its first Issue summit, with two panel discussion entitled Redefining Growth” and “Strategic Imperatives to Achieve Growth.”


  • March 23, 2012: The YG Network launches its first issue advocacy ad, entitled “Uncle Sam,” focused on the harm that ObamaCare would have on health care in America and our economy.
  • April 25, 2012: The YG Network launches “Woman Up,” an effort dedicated to researching, prioritizing and communicating the issues most important to women.  Mary Anne Carter, YG Network Policy Director, is named President of the effort.


  • May 7-9, 2012: The YG Network’s “YG Woman Up!” conducted focus groups in Las Vegas and suburban Philadelphia to identify and understand the issues of most concern to independent women.
  • June 11, 2012: The YG Network launches “Taxmageddon,” a radio issue ad campaign encouraging lawmakers to stop massive impending tax increases.
  • June 25, 2012: The YG Network released the final national healthcare poll prior to the Supreme Court’s ObamaCare decision to gauge Americans’ feelings on healthcare policy.
  • July 17, 2012: The YG Network launches digital issues ads and hosts an issue summit on the sequester, which would endanger national security and our economy.
  • August 13, 2012: The YG Network  releases two ads imploring Congress against raising taxes on small businesses and families.
  • August 27-30, 2012: The YG Network hosts the Dr. Miriam Adelson Woman Up! Pavilion in Tampa, Florida.
  • October 31, 2012: The YG Network highlights next-generation conservatives in final ad push.
  • Februrary 13, 2013: The YG Network launches two ads, “Opportunity,” and “Conservative Principles” to promote conservative ideas found in the remarks of Rep. Eric Cantor’s address to the American Enterprise Institute.

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  • Februrary 26, 2013: The YG Network launches “Kick The Can,” an issue ad calling on Washington to address reckless spending.


  • March 17, 2013: The YG Network releases results of its first 2013 national poll revealing that Americans believe the country is at an economic crossroads and they are most concerned about jobs and the economy.
  • April 4, 2013: The YG Network launches “Obama Intervention,” an issue ad calling on President Obama to stop his spending addiction and rein in government spending.

  • May 2, 2013: The YG Network releases results of its second national poll of 2013, which showed that the conservative message should move beyond simply debt and deficit reduction, and should focus on growing the economy and creating jobs. Additionally, the public has a strong desire for tangible policies that would lower gas prices, reduce the cost of higher education, and help the neediest through welfare-to-work reforms.
  • July 22, 2013: The YG Network announces new additions to its team: Kate O’Beirne, Chris Bond, Michael Ramlet, Kristen Soltis Anderson, and Mark Bednar.
  • July 27, 2013: The YG Network releases “The Sell,” an issue ad which uses humor and a strong digital presence to critique the Obama Administration’s efforts to “sell” Obamacare to the public.


  • August 7, 2013: The YG Network releases the results of focus groups of middle-class Swing and Tea Party participants, which it commissioned as part of a larger effort to develop and advocate for YG Network’s next-generation conservative agenda.