“Preparing An Exit Ramp From Obamacare”

“The next Congress must be ready to respond with a consumer-oriented health reform. That means preparing now.” As Ramesh Ponnuru put it over at National Review, we ought to be “preparing an exit ramp from Obamacare.”


Righting America’s Rocky Course


For too long, the American people have been drowning under the weight of Obamacare and rising healthcare costs.

Pro-Obamacare rhetoric doesn’t match “painful reality”

“The most remarkable feature of the state exchanges isn’t the number of plans being offered, but the lack of new plans entering these markets,” writes Scott Gottlieb, MD.


The Full Force of Obamacare Is Still to Come


Room To Grow, the conservative answer to some of the biggest challenges facing Americans today, might be just the thing Americans need to get to high-ground.

Study: Obamacare Premiums “Will Increase at a Much Faster Rate After 2016″

The “real spikes” in cost for patients will appear “around this time in 2016.”


The American Economy Is No Longer Delivering.


“Americans are working harder than ever just to keep from falling behind,” writes Jim Tankersly at the Washington Post. And it seems true; all signs point to the fact that middle-class jobs are disappearing.

WaPo: “Make no mistake: The American middle class is in trouble.”

Over at the Washington Post, Jim Tankersley writes: “Make no mistake: The American middle class is in trouble.”