Bloomberg: “Disappointment and Tension” Driving Liberal “Blame Game”

Good morning, folks. Over at Bloomberg, Lisa Lerer and Margaret Talev report that the growing “disappointment and tension between” President Obama and his liberal allies is “now on open display” as they desperately try to shift blame amongst one another in the wake of their own failed agenda. Given the American people’s increasing frustration with […]


Jumpstarting the Economy


It should come as no surprise, that Americans, who continue to feel the effects of the Obama economy, list fixing those problems as the top concern this fall. In a new poll from the Associated Press and GfK, the state of the “economy remains the top issue,” with 91% of respondents calling it “extremely” or “very” […]

AP Poll: Economy top issue this fall

Good morning, folks. As Americans continue to slog through the Obama Economy, a new poll from the Associated Press and GfK shows that the state of the “economy remains the top issue” this fall, with 91 percent calling it “extremely” or “very” important. Meanwhile, The Hill reports today that recent “missteps by President Obama are […]


Real Ideas, Real Outcomes


As John Murray said recently in an interview, YG Network and the Room to Grow project is “…the forefront of how we take ideas and make them real and make them about outcomes.” Without a doubt, the ideas presented in Room to Grow leave little to confound. Clear and simple, these ideas are about helping […]

“Completely Out Of Ideas”

Good morning, folks. Washington liberals yesterday bemoaned the fact that they’re “completely out of ideas” — and while they did so as a hook in one of their many desperate fundraising emails, their frank admission hit upon a sad fact about modern liberalism: its dearth of new thinking. As YG Network founder John Murray recently […]


POLL: 57% See Higher Healthcare Costs Coming


Americans, more than ever, are struggling under the weight of Obama’s failed leadership, and their expectations of “hope and change” continue to fall well below liberals’ stated vision. A recent poll from Politico shows that not only do many Americans doubt the President’s ability to lead the country, but that they continue to expect the […]

“Out of Control”: Latest Polling Spells More Bad News For Liberals

Good morning, folks. With millions of Americans continuing to feel the squeeze of the Obama Economy, a new poll fromPolitico raises further questions about the President’s leadership style in the midst of tough challenges at home and abroad. Politico’s Alex Burns takes a look at the survey’s findings and reports that an “overwhelming majority of […]