Harvard Poll: Millennials Sour On Obama

Good morning, folks. A common narrative among folks on the Left and many in the mainstream media in recent years has been that young Americans, a significant piece of the Obama coalition, are firmly in the liberal camp in their approach to government. But, a new national survey of 18-29 -year-olds by Harvard University’s Institute […]


A Critical Time For Families


Liberal policies are not working for middle class Americans. The fact that embattled Senate liberals who voted with Obama 96 percent of the time are now trying to run away from the President and his policies has become “a source of friction within the White House,” according to the Washington Post. It’s easy to see […]

WaPo: Liberals attempt to “suggest a distance from Obama that doesn’t exist”

Good morning, folks. In the Washington Post today, Karen Tumulty reports that embattled liberals’ “efforts to distance themselves from President Obama’s record — rather than defend it — has become a source of friction with the White House.” These recent attempts to “suggest a distance from Obama that doesn’t exist,” Tumulty reports, are resulting in […]


7 in 10 Rate American Economy Negatively


President Obama and his liberal allies in Washington know that their agenda is failing middle class Americans. A recent poll by ABC News and the Washington Post shows “seven in 10 Americans rate the nation’s economy negatively.” And when “68 percent say the country’s seriously off on the wrong track,” it’s no wonder liberals are […]

ABC/WaPo Poll: 7 in 10 Rate Economy Negatively

Happy Tuesday, folks. Another day, another poll demonstrating the failure of liberal policies, another news story of liberal infighting and blame-shifting… A new poll from ABC News and the Washington Post reveals that “seven in 10 Americans rate the nation’s economy negatively and just 28 percent say it’s getting better. In a now-customary result, 68 […]


“Time to Get Serious About Policy”


It’s easy to tell Americans are not happy with the liberal agenda, especially when it comes to the direction of the economy. The truth is, liberals know their policies aren’t working, and they are desperately trying to distance themselves from anything to do with their failures. As G. Tracy Mehan puts it in the American […]

“Exasperated” Liberals Run From Obama

Good morning, folks. As middle-class Americans continue to reject their failed policies this fall, liberals are “exasperated with the White House,” and are “moving to pin blame on President Obama” for their woes, report the New York Times’ Jonathan Martin and Julie Herschfeld Davis. The fact is, frustrated Washington liberals have no one to blame […]