The Middle Class Needs Help Now

Good morning, folks. Here’s a troubling lede from the Cleveland Plain Dealer: The American Dream, rooted in the belief that each generation will do better than the last, is threatened with devolving into a pipe dream, according to the findings of a recent report. Reinvigorating the American Dream: that’s the topic of “The Middle Class needs help now” – a […]


NY Fed: Obamacare Raises Healthcare Costs


The Federal Reserve Bank of New York released 2 reports this week stating that firms “widely” see increased costs due to Obamacare.  “As a result,” writes CNBC, “consumers in the areas covered by the bank could be paying more next year—and some workers at the firms might need to look for a new job…” For […]

CNBC: “NY Fed: Firms ‘widely’ see Obamacare boosting health costs”

Good morning, folks. As CNBC reports, “[m]any businesses said Obamacare is jacking up their employee health coverage costs, and they expect it to do so even more next year, two new surveys of businesses by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York have found.” Obamacare, of course, was supposed to bring healthcare costs under control… Meanwhile, […]


Obamacare Continues to Disappoint


As more and more Americans are seeing the effects of Obamacare, it should come as no surprise that they are now rejecting the President’s signature piece of legislation. In fact, as a new poll by Fox News shows, Obamacare continues to be deeply unpopular, with 52 percent of Americans opposing it and just 41 percent favoring the law. […]

A Rough August for Liberals…

Good Monday morning, folks. As August rolls on, bad news continues to plague Washington liberals and their failed, big-government policies. A new poll by Fox News shows that liberals’ signature policy – Obamacare – remains deeply unpopular, with 52 percent of Americans opposing it and just 41 percent favoring the law. The RealClearPolitics average of public […]


Bridging the Gap


The time for aiding an ailing middle class is here, and Conservatives have just the right policies to do just that. Americans of all types continue to feel the wrath of the Left’s top-down approach to governing—be it in the rising price of gas, groceries, and electricity, or in their doctor’s office where they see how […]

“How is [Obamacare] working? Not well at all.”

Good morning, folks. As John Goodman writes in Forbes today, “[t]he Obama administration wants to change the practice of medicine” by moving away from care by a single physician, and towards “medicine practiced in teams.” “How is all that working? Not well at all,” Goodman notes: A new study, which will soon appear in Health […]