Gallup: Job Loss Would “Lead To Hardship For Many In US”

In a time of economic uncertainty, President Obama and his liberal allies should devote their attention to helping Americans get back to work.


Financial Insecurity


For those struggling to stay afloat in the Obama economy, job loss could lead to financial ruin. Gallup recently released a new poll showing that a sizable percentage of US workers say they could go just one week (14%) or one month (29%) before a significant financial hardship. Yet another troubling sign of just how […]

Fed Chair: Economic Indicators Point To Weakness

It looks like the failed policies of President Obama and his liberal allies will keep the American people struggling even longer.

New Dance Craze: The Liberal Pivot

pelosi pivot

It seems that a new dance crazy is sweeping the nation: The Liberal Pivot.

Obama Pivots, But Majority Feel Economy Getting Worse

In yet another half-hearted attempt to pivot to the economy, President Obama will discuss ways to train workers later this afternoon.


Reihan Salam Joins YG Network


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 16, 2014 CONTACT: Chris Bond,   Reihan Salam Joins YG Network Nationally Recognized Writer, Commentator Joins Next-Generation Conservative Group ALEXANDRIA, Va. — Today, YG Network — a non-profit 501(c)(4) dedicated to broadening the Young Guns movement by promoting next-generation conservative policies — announced that Reihan Salam will join the organization […]


The Realities of an Obama Economy


President Obama and his liberal allies in congress are unable to create the economic environment that allows growth and instills confidence.