More bad news for Obamacare exchange customers

Good morning, folks. Here’s more bad news for Americans who’ve been forced to purchase insurance on the Obamacare exchange: the Obama Administration’s automatic renewal process is set to slam many such consumers with massive premium hikes. Over at the New York Times, the Upshot reports that “in many places premiums are going up by double-digit percentages within many of […]


Americans Face Widespread Financial Vulnerability


These days Americans worry about a lot of things: the rising cost of living, unemployment, losing health care coverage. But with the cost of nearly everything on the rise, and economic security on the decline, one fact is extremely troubling: almost half of all urban families across the U.S. lack the ability to withstand a […]

Recovering the Wisdom of the Constitution

Good morning, folks — and Happy Constitution Day. In YG Network’s Room To Grow, Ramesh Ponnuru writes about the importance of “recovering the wisdom of the Constitution” so we can provide Americans with “a limited, accountable government that serves rather than masters civil society.” Reforming our government to act within its constitutional bounds is a long-term effort that […]


For Millennials, The American Dream Remains Elusive


The milestones of a bygone era—home ownership, marriage, economic stability—are all but lost for millennials. Why? As Catherine Rampell points out in the Washington Post, a lack of economic opportunity. Low mortgage rates and potential marriage partners are both plentiful, but young Americans lack the economic security of previous generations—due largely to the failed leadership […]

Under Obama, lack of “economic opportunity” holding millennials back

Good morning, folks. In the Washington Post today, Catherine Rampell explores the fact that, due largely to a lack of “economic opportunity,” many important milestones — such as marriage and homeownership — remain “out of millennials’ reach.” It’s a dire reality that has been called, depressingly, the “new economic normal” for an entire generation of Americans. Rampell […]


Kitchen-Table Issues Still A Cause For Concern


Americans blame President Obama for their economic woes. In a recent poll, Politico found that 57% of Americans disapprove of his economic leadership. When it comes to kitchen-table issues, Americans are still worrying about the rising costs of everyday items, like gas, groceries, and electricity, and they do not expect much to improve over the […]

Obamacare a major hurdle for middle-class Americans

Good morning, folks. Many on the left have made an effort, recently, to convince the news media and the public that Obamacare is suddenly a success story, and that opposition to the law is no longer a potent force. But as the law continues to slam middle-class Americans with high costs, cancellations, and “billions of dollars in […]